Cooking Automatically Makes You Healthier!

Mrs. Dornberg’s Culinary Experience is more than just cooking classes — it is your go-to for everything you need to live a healthy life. From techniques and skills, to nutritional information and, of course, recipes, we are here to support you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle through better eating.

At Mrs. Dornberg’s you won’t just learn cooking basics, you’ll learn a new healthy way of life. You’ll walk away with recipes, tips and tricks to make kitchen time fun, delicious, healthy and easy; health and nutrition knowledge to help you feel your best; new ideas and inspiration to add excitement and variety to your everyday meals; answers to your culinary questions and the know-how to make you a confident, creative home chef! Together we are building a community of inspired, confident, health-conscious home cooks! Come join us today!

Start Cooking Up a Healthier Life

A Healthy lifestyle BEGINS in the kitchen, and Mrs. Dornberg is here to help! We provide basic cooking, nutrition and food education that will empower you to make better food choices and improve your overall health and well-being by creating and consuming more meals at home. At your classes you will gain knowledge to create affordable meals from scratch, build kitchen confidence and have a local, reliable resource for continuing health education and purchasing health friendly products. Creating a cooking habit is one of the best and most delicious, ways to improve your health. What are you waiting for? Let’s get cooking!

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Participants in hands-on classes, with the exception of Young Chef and adult-child specific classes, must be at least 16 years old for general hands-on classes and at least 18 years old for Cooking with Friends Classes (unless otherwise stated). Specific classes may have other age restrictions as indicated in class description.

Blogs & Recipes

We know that when you come to Mrs. Dornberg’s it’s not just for the class; it’s for a better, healthier lifestyle. From recipes and the latest in cooking techniques to news about our community and thoughts from Mrs. Dornberg, you’ll find plenty of inspiration, motivation and cooking help in our blogs and recipes!

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Say About Us

Thank you so much for a fun and productive evening Saturday! We all learned such practical things to start using in our own kitchens right away and I love the chemistry lessons sprinkled through out. The food really tasted so so good. What a treat!

Ryan & Melanie

Thank you, we definitely learned some new things and how to cook better in the kitchen! It was delicious! We had a great time!


I have had so much fun cooking ? it up for the past four weeks at Cooking 101 class. ?  I learned some “new” ways (correct ways ?) of food prep and gained more confidence in the kitchen.?Chef teaches about the health benefits of the food we are making each week. Everything I have made here tastes like Grandma Mary’s cooking, so I know my cooking has improved . Most importantly, I found the JOY of cooking. ❤️


As we have done at the last class we always learn something new to bring into our techniques. Thank you for your attention to detail and penitence in working one on one with your clients.  That matters. We also appreciate the time you’ve taken to look up additional recipes for us and follow up on some comments from class.  Your memory never seizes to amaze us.


Thank you for making your cooking class more than just a class—it’s a prescription for healthy living—Priceless!


We had a great time, as always, at your place! Makes me want to spend more time in my kitchen and let the creative juices flow.


“I really enjoy these, creative, organized, hands-on classes. Chef Dornberg always lets you know the “why” behind what we are doing. These classes offer a variety of recipes and include ingredients that I normally would not use, allowing me to branch out from my usual recipes. Have fun at these classes, learn a lot and leave with very generous servings of what you created.”


The Cooking Fundamentals class on vegetables was so much fun and educational.  Not only did I learn many different techniques of preparing vegetables for recipes (I LOVE spiralizing), but I also gleaned how to bring out different flavors in vegetables using various herbs, spices and combining different ingredients.  The many recipes provided for us gave us man opportunities to try new flavors.  This series of classes gave me the opportunity to try so many different vegetables that I would not have attempted to try on my own and the confidence to continue to try new recipes at home.


This is a great way to learn new cooking skills and recipes. I have enjoyed every class that I have attended. I have incorporated the new recipes that was taught into our menu at home. I would recommend this too anyone. Thank you Mrs. Dornberg.


I reached out to Cheryl to plan a team building event for a group of 25 people, and she was so helpful right from the start. She planned a wonderful Italian menu for us to prepare, and due to the large size of our group, she also arranged a holiday give back activity so we could split our group between cooking and the holiday activity. This was such a great experience for our team: cooking and enjoying our meal, writing holiday cards for the organization she selected for us to support, and decorating cookies to donate to this organization. Our team found it to be particularly helpful when Cheryl shared cooking tips as we prepared our meal, such as how to keep ingredients and spices fresh. We really appreciate everything Cheryl did to make our team building event a success!


My son has been attending the Young Chef classes for a while now, and I can’t say enough about his experiences! He has come home and made full meals, better than an adult could prepare! Mrs. Dornberg is a great instructor and makes sure the kids are learning the skills it takes to keep a functioning kitchen! I would highly recommend trying out one or more of her classes!


I hosted a client appreciation event for some of my NWI clients with Mrs. Dornberg’s. Everything was absolutely wonderful. The food and instruction were fantastic, and clients have all told me they absolutely loved the experience. She went above and beyond in offering advice about what she has seen work with in other events that helped me to enhance the event even further with activities for clients to do in between cooking. She was responsive and prompt in communicating with me in the weeks leading up to the event and was as flexible on head count as anyone could ask for. I know many of my clients have already talked about going back, and I know my wife and I will be back soon. Thank you so much for a wonderful evening!


My daughter’s Girl Scout troop had a wonderful experience last Friday evening at Mrs. Dornberg’s preparing a delicious Italian meal from scratch. Each girl was involved in the planning, preparing, cooking and then serving the meal to us lucky parents! Looking forward to our next visit?


My first class was Cooking With Friends, Pasta Night! I had never made so many dishes from scratch before, especially homemade pasta, which we so great and so much fun! What an amazing learning experience! We had fun and the food we made was absolutely delicious! Can’t wait to try another class soon! Such an amazing instruction team. Thank you!


Cheryl makes learning fun and delicious! Attending her classes inspires my creativity, allows me to meet people who share a common interest, and teaches me how to be more efficient in the kitchen. Whether you’ve cooked your entire life or have no idea how to begin to make a meal, I recommend you try her classes!


Just went to a class for the 4th time! I love cooking and always learn something new every time!


This is one of those gems that you would like to keep to yourself, but in all fairness to anyone, you just can’t. Mrs. Dornberg put together a wonderful, impressive, all encompassing program for the kids. We are looking for the next opportunity to go back.


This is a terrific place and I have learned so much in just a few classes. The Knife skills session is life changing, do it!


It does not matter what class I go to, I always learn something new.  A new “tidbit” to help my time in my kitchen to be more efficient and therefore even more enjoyable! 


Mrs. Dornberg’s culinary classes are fantastic! She shares her years of knowledge & skill at every class, and you always learn something no matter how much or little experience you have in the kitchen. The variety of classes offered every month is great, the food is delicious & healthy, and the classes are very well organized. Highly recommend all the demonstration & hands-on classes, as well as hosting your own private cooking class with Mrs. Dornberg!


I just took one of the basic classes this weekend and it was excellent!  Cheryl is sharp, organized
and ready to teach TECHNIQUE-not just recipes.  Her classes pack a lot of useful, yet simple ways to further your cooking skills that you can introduce at home right away.  It helps to streamline the process which can help save time and money.  I think I have found my new passion!


Whether you are new to cooking or are considered by many as a great home cook, you can learn a lot from Cheryl’s classes at Mrs. Dornberg’s Culinary Experience.  Before you invest in tools, utensils, cookware or expensive ingredients, come to Mrs. Dornberg’s to see if you like the ingredient or enjoy a particular cooking method or theme!  You will meet like-minded individuals and have a great time cooking and eating delicious, but nutritious meals!  Could you find recipes on the internet or You Tube videos to teach you techniques?  Yes, but you won’t have the benefit of being shown the best way and you won’t get completely tested, proven recipes!  Cheryl always ensures that the recipes are fool proof and gives you tips on purchasing ingredients and creating your delectable masterpiece!  Mrs. Dornberg’s is the best kept secret in Northwest Indiana!!


I have attended several cooking classes in Chicago.  Mrs. Dornberg’s Culinary offers exceptional, informative & fun classes, valuable knowledge , personal attention and all at a great price. The other bonus is that the studio is in our local area. It is a “best kept secret” in the NWI/Chicagoland area.


I have taken many classes with Cheryl and am sooo happy I did. I have learned so much from these classes. Simple techniques that anyone can do. Come take a class. They are not only informative but fun. You will thoroughly enjoy it.


Went to a demonstration class and it was a great experience. The demonstration was easy to follow and loaded with helpful tips for the kitchen. Food served was presented beautifully and delicious. This was a fun experience and I will be back. Loved that we took home color copies of the recipes.


What a great time! We learned, we laughed! Chef Dornberg is a gem!!
Will definitely be back for more fun!


EXCELLENT class as always.  I always feel inspired when I attend your class.  You do a great job in presentation and LOVE all the nuggets of info.  Thanks for all your efforts in making cooking fun!


Thanks for the class last night.  I think my mind was blown by how little I know and how much I learned.


I attended my 1st class last night and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I am just amazed at what I learned and accomplished.  Thank you for making me feel welcome and all the little bits if information you shared.  Can’t wait for the next classes.


Did a Valentine’s hands-on class. She was very specific about our techniques. Loved the food we made. Enjoyed the other couple that we worked with. Can’t wait to take another class


Took a class with a family group of 10 to celebrate a birthday. The meal we made was delicious. Learned tips to take home and use in our own kitchens. Loved that we made at least two items per station so we got to try different techniques. Highly recommend this experience. Chef D is also quite patient as she tries to un-break your poor knife techniques…..

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