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There's no one better to inform you of our reputation than our past customers and present clients.
Here are a few of their appreciated remarks.


I attended the Fresh From The Sea Class and it was great. I was surprised at how quickly the time went because I was having so much fun! The food was absolutely delicious and it has inspired me to try new types of fish.


I thoroughly enjoyed my first class. It was very informative and I learned some great tips! The food was excellent!


My first experience at Mrs. Dornberg’s was a bread making class. I was completely hooked! I decided to start treating my family and friends to classes, which works well for birthday gifts. It is wonderful way to spend time with a loved one, have a great meal and a fun experience together. I scheduled a private party for my own children and my nieces and nephews to make pasta. With ages from 13 to 31, it was one of the most fun days of my life. Once a month, I sign up for the Dinner Party which becomes a ‘date night’ with my husband. While he likes to cook at home, he prefers to watch the demonstrations and is especially happy to eat anything that Cheryl has prepared. I have taken my daughter and her friends to class, met up with old friends, and take every opportunity to sign up to learn something new. I consider myself a cook of some knowledge, but I never fail to learn something new at each class. So think outside the box! These classes can be great date nights or family times.


have been cooking for well over 40 years and yet every time I attend one of Cheryl’s classes, I learn something new. I have learned techniques for both preparing and cooking food, new terminology, how to properly store and handle food, how to correct a problem or mistake, how to use various equipment, as well as how to combine unusual flavor combinations. I also often learn the “why” to many of these situations, but Cheryl teaches all these things as she is demonstrating, so it doesn’t seem like a classroom lecture. She encourages students to ask questions then answers them so we can understand. And oh my goodness – every dish is SO tasty! We sample food at each class and I am able to duplicate that tastiness in my own kitchen by using what I have learned. I never knew how much I didn’t know until Cheryl taught me!


sincerely thank you and Dawn for your help in understanding my grandson’s health issue. You have helped to alleviate my fear through the information you share during your cooking classes. For this, I am very grateful. I plan to continue learning with you in 2013.


I love taking cooking classes at Mrs. Dornberg’s. Each class is filled with tips and tricks. Plus, all of the dishes are delicious. We leave with recipes that I use over and over. I am addicted to Mrs. Dornberg’s
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