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Our community guest series, is a great way to create a sense of community, by working closely with local advocates to help create connections through food. We invite a minimum of one community guest per month who will participate as a co-host in a demo class, and provide some helpful information to our followers as it applies to the community. We love cooking with local chefs, business owners, traditional homemakers, wellness and dietitian specialists, and of course, average everyday people! It is always a good time hearing their stories!

Do you know someone who loves food and community, and who could bring a bit of spice to our kitchen conversations?

  • We love to bring in local experts who can help educate and simplify the cooking/eating process. Our students learn unique tips and practical knowledge that promote healthy community cooking at home.
  • To make life a little easier we work to implement guests that allow us to work with local organizations such as: grocers, farms, butcher shops, produce markets, doctors, health clubs, Dentists, Dietitians, Cultural/Ethnic Specialists, etc...
  • Some of our best classes are when we welcome local residents who have reached out in need of help on certain topics such as: budgeting, cooking at home, Healthy quick meals, getting started on a new dietary lifestyle, dietary preferences, mean planning tips, etc...


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