About Mrs. Dornberg

Cheryl Dornberg is the owner & operator of Mrs. Dornberg’s Culinary Experience in Highland, Indiana. She entered the food industry from a science, rather than a culinary, path. She graduated from Northwestern University with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering with the goal of working in the food industry. However, she ended up working for Amoco Oil Company for 8 years as a Process Control Engineer. Following her passion for cooking and her personal interest in health and dietary issues, she established her business in May 1996.

Her engineering training helps her understand the science of food – from the reactions during cooking to the interactions within the body and its effects on overall health and well-being. She believes that food and cooking can be our most powerful tool in keeping our body and mind working at an optimal level.

For over 15 years, Cheryl provided corporate and personal catering. In 2000 she developed a Healthy Living Eating plan that, for 17 years, provided clients their choice of great tasting, healthy meals and other prepared foods on a weekly basis. Many of her regular clients experienced weight loss, increased energy and a few were even able to reduce or even stop medications they had been on for years.

Fueled by a frustration with the mixed messages about health and the growing obesity and chronic illness issues our society is facing, Cheryl launched a Culinary Education Program in October 2011 in order to reach even more people. Through this program she offers a variety of seminars and classes that focus on concepts, techniques and tips to prepare and serve healthy, nutritious foods in your own kitchen. In January 2015, she expanded her teaching and now offers over 20 classes per month including her signature Cooking Fundamental classes.

In 2018, Cheryl completed 200+ hours of training and received her Culinary Nutrition Expert Certification (CNE) from the Academy of Culinary Nutrition (ACN). She now regularly helps those struggling with health and diet issues overcome the obstacles that keep them from cooking and eating healthy.

Cheryl loves sharing her knowledge, experience and passion with her students and clients to help them feel better, achieve optimal health and make their lives a least a little less stressful.

She lives in Munster with her husband, Dave, and their two rescue cats, Zinny and Merlin.