At Mrs. Dornberg’s, we believe “A Healthy lifestyle BEGINS in the kitchen.” We provide basic cooking, nutrition and food education that will empower you to make better food choices and improve your overall health and well-being by creating and consuming more meals at home. At our classes you will gain knowledge to create affordable meals from scratch, build kitchen confidence and have a local, reliable resource for continuing health education and access to health friendly products. We offer in person classes, individual dietary support, private culinary education events, health & nutrition talks, seminars and workshops. Learn more below or contact Mrs. Dornberg at or 219-922-4534

In Person Classes — The only way to learn to cook is to cook!

The focus of our classes is on concepts, techniques and tips that will help you transform any recipe or preparation into a healthy, great tasting dish everyone will rave about! In addition, nutritional and health information and concepts are covered and discussed.

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An in-depth look at specific cooking topics and techniques that feature interactive and informative lessons, recipes for the food presented, and tastings of everything prepared during class. These classes are much like watching a cooking show on television, with the bonus of being able to smell and taste the food!

HANDS-ON CLASSES: Grab an apron and get cooking!
These classes put YOU in the kitchen! You will actively participate and practice each step of the cooking process and take-home detailed information for each recipe, valuable tips that were used, and, in many cases, the food that you prepared during class.

SERIES CLASSES: Creating a cooking habit!
Multi-session small group, hands-on classes that put you in the kitchen! In these series’ you will apply basic cooking knowledge and skills as we tackle fundamental cooking techniques, learn about ingredients and build a cooking habit. Each session will focus on a specific area of cooking as you learn the step by step preparation of 2-3 core dishes. You will build a library of go-to, basic recipes and master core skills and techniques while you gain confidence and proficiency in the kitchen that will translate into healthier eating and overall improved well-being. If you are looking to advance and improve your cooking skills, these classes are for you!

Individual Dietary Support — Creating an Eating Plan Just for YOU!

People are routinely given detailed dietary plans to follow by their doctors and medical practitioners. These have mixed results. Many people find it too difficult or find all the information to be overwhelming. Instead of stressing out over how many carbs or how much fat is in a meal, the focus should be on eating REAL FOOD and learning how to prepare it in a way this is fast, easy and delicious.

Mrs. Dornberg holds a Culinary Nutrition Expert certification (CNE) from the Academy of Culinary nutrition (ACN) and can help you understand and implement the proper dietary protocols for YOU.

She is available to work with individuals that are struggling with health and diet issues and help them overcome the obstacles keeping them from cooking and eating healthy. This includes evidence based nutrition education, menu planning, meal prep guidance, healthy pantry guides, substitution assistance and of course, basic cooking skills and techniques to help

you feel confident and at ease in your own kitchen! We will help you learn to make healthy eating convenient and will help you make your kitchen your new BFF (best friend forever)!

(Call Mrs. Dornberg (219-922-4534) to learn more.)

Private Culinary Education Events — The Kitchen Brings People Together

Enjoy the cooking process and learn new cooking techniques and skills while having fun with your group. Demonstration, hands-on or hybrid classes available. Contact us to discuss your unique event.   Perfect for team building, a special celebration, girls’ night out, or a family gathering!

(Call (219-922-454) or email ( Mrs. Dornberg to discuss your event!)

Health & Nutrition Talks, Seminars and Workshops — Knowledge is Power!

Need a speaker for your next meeting, health fair, retreat or wellness program event?  Mrs. Dornberg loves sharing her knowledge, experience and passion with others!  Choose from a list of popular topics or work with her to develop a custom presentation just for your group!  Food samples, cooking demonstration or hands-on instruction are also available!

(Call (219-922-454) or email ( Mrs. Dornberg to discuss your needs!)